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Choosing the Right Underwear: Tips for Ladies

With so many styles and options available, it can feel overwhelming to find the perfect everyday lingerie for you. In this guide, we highlighted tips for buying lingerie that will save you the stress and yet, suit your body shape and lifestyle. We also mentioned the best place where you can shop all your everyday lingerie types without worrying about your health, confidence, or comfort level.

What Types of Everyday Lingerie for Women Exist?

There are lots of everyday lingerie, but whatever style you choose should be comfortable and practical to wear. Here are five types of everyday lingerie for women that are both popular and functional:

  • Bras: These are daily essentials that help support and shape the breasts. Bras come in various styles including T-shirt bras for seamless looks under clothes, wireless bras for extra comfort, and sports bras for active days.
  • Panties: This is a staple in any lingerie drawer and it includes styles like bikinis, briefs, hipsters, and thongs. Each with their different levels of coverage and comfort to suit various outfits and preferences.
  • Camisoles: These underwear are perfect for adding coverage to your looks or a smooth base layer under blouses. You can also wear it as a standalone top for a casual look.
  • Bralettes: These are wire-free style bras often made of soft, stretchy materials. You can wear them on relaxed days at home or casual outings.
  • Shapewear: To smooth and shape the body for a sleek silhouette under fitted clothing, shapewear like shaping briefs, bodysuits, and control shorts are the best go-tos.

How to Choose the Right Underwear?

Choosing the right underwear can be a lot easier and more impactful to your comfort, health, and confidence. Here are some tips to help you make the best choice:

  • When you want to choose underwear, opt for breathable materials like cotton for everyday wear. While for special occasions, you might choose silk or lace for an elegant touch.
  • Get the right measurements and ensure your underwear fits well without being too tight or too loose.
  • There are lots of underwear styles so opt for the one that matches your outfit. For instance, seamless panties under tight clothes and boyshorts for more coverage.
  • Some underwear features like a wide waistband, soft seams, and tagless designs can help enhance your comfort level, especially for everyday wear.
  • Choose underwear that matches the activities you want to engage in. Moisture-wicking panties are ideal for workouts, while no-show panties are perfect for bodycon dresses.

Choosing Lingerie For Your Body Shape

If you’re wondering how to choose your underwear based on your body shape, here are some helpful tips:

  • For an hourglass shape, look for lingerie that highlights your waist, such as corsets or bustiers. You can also try on high-waisted panties and bras to boost your curves.
  • Pear-shaped girlies will look great in babydolls or A-line chemises as they draw attention to your upper body. Bras with padding or embellishments and underwear with lace details are ideal too.
  • As an Apple-shaped lady, shapewear or high-waisted briefs will create a flattering silhouette and smoothen your waist area.
  • For added curves in a rectangle-shaped body, go with push-up bras and padded panties.
  • To balance your proportions as a lady with an inverted triangle shape, hipster panties or boyshorts and bras with minimal padding will be perfect.
  • When choosing the right underwear for a petite-framed woman, opt for lingerie with vertical lines or patterns, bralettes, and thong panties.
  • Structured and supportive lingerie such as underwire bras and high-waisted panties will hug your curves and provide a smooth fit as a plus-size woman.


With the tips above, you must have learned how to choose your underwear based on the different styles and your body type. By considering factors like material, fit, and style, you can find the perfect pieces to wear for any occasion. You can shop the best women’s underwear for all body types at CutyDuty, where quality, variety, and affordability are in a perfect blend.

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