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Why cricket is not as popular as football worldwide?

Bangladesh became the newest member to gain Test status in the new century, joining the already popular sport of international cricket on the Indian subcontinent that began in the 1990s. However, over the following two decades, the enthusiasm persisted throughout the subcontinent, propelling India to superpower status in both cricket and other sports.  Ireland and Afghanistan were given Test status only in 2018, more than two decades after Bangladesh. If you want to earn some money using your sports knowledge, you can easily do that with joker123.

An Expert Journal. Google Search Engine News To keep updated, subscribe to The Business Standard’s Google News channel. Despite the ICC’s prior claims that a new side will be granted test status every 10 years, the situation has remained consistent.  Furthermore, the predicted expansion of the International Cricket Council (ICC) into China has not occurred.

Most people feel that India wants to maintain cricket at a conservative level so that it may continue to dominate both on and off the field.  The Indian Cricket Board (BCCI) has enormous financial influence over the International Cricket Council (ICC) and its decision-making mechanisms, even if this is not totally factual. The BCCI contributes for more over 80% of the ICC’s yearly earnings.

International matches do not have a set schedule.

If the ICC wants cricket to be healthy, it must take after the top teams while also allowing up-and-coming teams to thrive. For far too long, youthful teams have been denied enough opportunities to compete against more experienced opponents.

Rising countries would have a greater chance of development if the ICC established a defined calendar for international matches each year that stipulated which team faced which side. This would ensure that each team had an equal opportunity to engage with the other.

According to famous coach and current BKSP cricket consultant Nazmul Abedeen Fahim, the ICC has prioritized short-term benefits above long-term development: “Nepal is a very good example of a cricket-crazy country, but they are not being given enough matches or provided with enough facilities by the ICC.”

High operational expenses

Cricket requires dry weather and a specific ground, but football can be played in any weather that includes a ball.  Then there’s the matter of needing to spend money on proper cricket equipment, which can be costly and difficult to get.  Furthermore, as Fahim points out, “you see the stagnated growth” since it is difficult for a team to get to the top due to the high prices. This scenario may have been different if the ICC had not been so focused on earning money. You can earn money by predicting the match results with joker123.

More people should compete in the World Cup.

Unlike previous World Cups, only ten teams were permitted to participate in the most recent event.  Many fans and former sportsmen opposed the decision.  If the ICC really wants to promote the evolution of the game, it must offer the associate teams with the incentive and support they need to progress. An invitation to the world’s biggest cricket tournament, which has the capacity to inspire “David vs. Goliath” tales, almost guarantees this.

Habibul Bashar, the former captain of the Bangladesh national team, is currently a selector for the Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) and feels that fewer countries should have participated in the World Cup.

I recall how much attention there was before to Bangladesh’s World Cup participation, and how much more there was after the competition. His depiction of the rapid increase from thirty to one hundred carries weight. He believes that extra teams participating would make their nation and its people just as pleased.

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