What Type of Lighting is the Best for your Shop?

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Lighting plays an important part in any kind of workstation, especially in shops and garages where accuracy and clarity are important. In this guide, we will explore the common commercial lighting used in stores and why LED shop lights are the best choice. We will also introduce the best LED lights for stores and what you need to know when purchasing LED lights. 

Types of Shop Lights

There are various types of store lights, and they serve different purposes. You have to choose the right type of  led shop lights according to your needs.

  1. UFO high bay LED lights: UFO high bay LED lights offer powerful lighting despite being small in size. They are round in shape. These lights can be easily installed. Shops with ceilings higher than 12 ft require this type of high bay LED lights.
  2. Linear high bay LED lights: Linear high bay LED lights are used to get wide and even brightness. They are ideal for shops with high ceilings. These lights are rectangular. They provide consistent brightness over large areas. It also has two installation methods: surface installation and hanging chain installation.
  3. LED Linear strip lights: LED strip lights are quite popular. These lights are usually sold in packs of multiples and can be daisy-chained. And it is widely applicable.
  4. Hexagon garage lights: Hexagon garage lights are hexagon in shape. These lights provide a vivid glow. It can be customised, you can DIY according to the area and shape of the ceiling. It is an ideal choice for car DIY enthusiasts. Of course, you can also see it in barber shops and showrooms.

Why Do LEDs Make the Best Shop Lights?

Nowadays LED lights are quite popular for shop lighting. LED Shop lights have some features that make it the right choice for shop lighting. Let’s discover some features of LED lights.

Long lifespan

LED lights present the fact of living longer than the standard traditional bulbs. The bulbs can give up to 100 hours or 11 years of service compared to traditional light or 8 hours per day with the possibility of serving 20 years. 

Energy saving

LED lights are believed to convert 80-90 percent to electricity energy and 20-10 to heat. For tradition, 20 percent works as electricity while 80 percent goes to heat.

Garage and workshop users need to review the best choice as common shop lights come with multiple challenges.  One requires to install more to avail ample light which is expensive and wastes energy. It’s wise to settle for LED garage and workshop lights to avail durability, cost efficiency, and energy-saving factors.


LED lights are powerful enough to withstand harsh conditions. LED lights do not have fragile filaments or glass enclosures, making them more robust and durable when faced with impact and vibration. This makes them particularly suitable for use in environments like garages or workshops.

What You Need to Know About Choosing the Right LED Shop Lights

  • Determine the type of lighting you need: First, you have to determine what kind of lighting you need from your LED Shop Lights. Lighting can be of three types: ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting is for general areas, task lighting is for workbenches and accent lighting is for decorative purposes.
  • Decide the color temperature: Color temperature plays a significant role in lighting your shop properly. Warm white is for customer-facing areas and cool white is for work areas. For areas like retail shops, offices, and parking lots, brightness is a key factor, but the extreme intensity of 6500K is not required or desired, making 5000K often the preferred choice.
  • Consider the lumens: You need to decide the amount of brightness you want in your shop. Lumens are used to measure brightness. If you want to have brighter light, choose higher lumens.
  • Look for energy efficiency: You must choose energy-efficient lights. LED lights consume less energy. By installing LED lights, you can save money on electricity bills.
  • Check for durability: You must choose robust lights. So that you do not need to replace them frequently. LED lights are durable, and they are a good fit for stores.
  • Consider some other features: LED lights have some other features like smart controls, dimming options, motion sensors, and more. You have to consider those features while buying lights for your shop.

These tips might help you in choosing the right set of lights for your shop. Appropriate lighting can increase productivity and make the environment more suitable for staff and customers.

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