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What Can You Cook in A Pizza Oven?

What comes to mind when you hear pizza ovens? Probably perfectly blistered pizzas with smokey flavours. However, did you know pizza ovens are perfect for preparing a wide range of meals? They provide high oven temperatures and a depth of flavour unparalleled by conventional ovens. Light up your pizza oven, and let’s start cooking.

Barbecued and Charred Meats

If you love meat, you can sear your steaks, chops, and roasts in the pizza oven to juicy perfection. The high heat locks in moisture and forms tasty crusts. You can slow cook your meat with the reverse-sear method for restaurant-quality results. Start at lower temperatures and finish your roast in searing heat.

Use different wood for a smokey twist. Fruitwoods like apple or cherry offer a hint of sweetness, while hickory adds a thick, bacon-like flavour. Smoke your meat in the pizza ovens for a tasty bite. The secret is to do it slowly at low temperatures to enhance the taste and texture.

Roasting Veggies to a Perfect Crisp

Roasting vegetables in a pizza oven gives your meals a whole new life. The sugars caramelise in the intense heat, providing enriched flavours. Consider roasting onions, peppers and zucchini in olive oil or herbs for a crisp-tender finish. Roast vegetables can be served as a meal or a complement. Other options include roast root beets, potatoes, and carrots.


Pizza ovens are great for baking various breads. Focaccia, a flatbread similar to pizza dough, bakes to a satisfying rise and a deliciously crispy bottom in a hot pizza oven. Ciabatta and baguettes form a beautiful crust and a light, airy interior. You can try baking some foreign bread such as Naan, an Indian flatbread with leavening, or Pita bread, known for its exterior char, ideal for stuffing with falafel or vegetables.

Sweet Treats

Don’t limit your use of your pizza oven to savoury foods. The intense heat is ideal for making delectable pastries and fruits. Try making a traditional crumble using peaches, berries, or apples. The fruit filling becomes beautifully gooey, and the topping takes on a gorgeous golden brown colour.

Bake cookies or brownies in your pizza oven for a delectable treat. A different and delicious take on these traditional treats, they’ll cook rapidly and take on a somewhat chewy texture with a tinge of smokiness.

How to Begin Cooking on a Pizza Oven

Are you prepared to discover what your pizza oven can do? Here are some pointers to get you going:

· Control of temperature

It’s imperative to learn how to control the temperature of your pizza oven. Get a simple thermometer, and your work will be easy.

· Preheat

Always preheat your oven for at least half an hour before commencing with cooking. This keeps the temperature constant for the perfect dish.

· Use the appropriate tools

A long-handled pizza peel is the key to securely moving food in and out of the hot oven. For further safety, think about purchasing gloves with heat resistance.

· Try out different techniques.

Try experimenting with other cooking methods, such as baking, smoking, searing, and roasting.

· Enjoy yourself

Cooking in a pizza oven is a satisfying experience. Accept the process of making mistakes and savour the tasty outcomes.

A little practice will have you mastering the pizza oven and cooking everything from succulent steaks to decadent desserts in no time. Now, light up your oven and enjoy the experience.

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