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What Are the Latest Trends in Counter Display Box Design?

Unique product presentation is required to uplift the brand’s worth and sales. For this purpose, product manufacturers use high-end packaging techniques to maximize product visibility for target people. The biggest task for businesses is getting a place in retail stores.

According to the Meyer report, 72% of customers make buying decisions after influencing a product’s designs, which shows how mandatory it is. For heavy products, businesses must choose the corners that customers must visit. Using advanced options, countertop display boxes are perfect for displaying the product to customers. 

Importance of Appelaeing Product Display for Bussiness

Appealing and eye-catching counter display boxes wholesale attract customers’ maximum attention, which helps them increase brand sales. Furthermore, the printed content on the display packaging assists companies in building powerful brands and marketing. So, take the chance to create fabulous boxes for product display with the latest packaging trends. 

Many advanced changes have recently occurred in industries to create splendid and tremendous cardboard display boxes for pleasing packaging. This article delves into the latest countertop display box design trends that have improved brand growth. 

Use Pastels Colors and Product Related Graphics

The power of color is unmatched when creating pleasing and stunning product boxes. Using custom colors for product packaging and display helps businesses resonate with target audiences. Whether you run bakers or small cosmetic brands, selecting custom colors for brand recognition is mandatory. 

Using pastels and muted hues is trendy to make breathable and purposeful packaging. So, craft display boxes  wholesale for attractive cookies and ensure instant customer accessibility for the audience. 

Show Sustainability With Recyclable Packaging 

Promote a green environment using eco-friendly packaging material and stop using plastic packaging. Packaging suppliers in the USA provide many eco-friendly cardstock options for toxin-less product packaging. Here is the list of popular packaging stocks for alluring product representations in the industry. 

  • Cardboard
  • Kraft 
  • Rigid 
  • Corrugated 

All the stocks mentioned above are eco-friendly and have their specialties, which make them tremendous for customers. Remember to choose thick material points to ensure the product security that cardboard display boxes hold to showcase to customers. Custom Boxes Only is one of the leading brands in the USA that offers durable and sustainable packaging boxes at market-leading prices. 

Unique Shapes And Styles of Counter Display Boxes 

Due to their unique figures or patterns, unique shapes and styles last longer in customers’ minds. However, select quirky shapes that give a distinctive display of the product in the retail mall; still, it must be functional and easy to organize for retailer staff. Here are the unique wholesale display box styles available at market-leading prices for customers. 

  • Four corner box with display tab and partition 
  • Dispenser box with perforation 
  • 4-corner with display lid 
  • Front cut-out display boxes 
  • Easel display boxes 
  • Five-panel hanger box 
  • Side lock tuck top display 

All mentioned styles are in trend to display various products by industries. Five-panel hanger boxes are easily hung on hooks near counters to force customers to make buying decisions on the last movement. Furthermore, dispenser boxes are used to pack lip balms and tissue sachets to ensure customers’ accessibility to hygiene. 

Product Visibility With Cardboard Display Trays 

Products in mini tubs and jars must be placed near counters to force customers to buy them instantly because they look so cute. Display trays are perfect for this purpose; they come in different sizes, and businesses choose the size according to the pieces they want to place for customers.

 For instance, the above picture shows pomade display boxes with a place for sixteen jars of pomade. So, you can increase and decrease the range according to your interests and buy partitions and dividers wholesale to get them at affordable prices. Self-lock and pop counter display trays are more famous for showcasing cute items to engage customers. 

Print Marketing And Branding Content on Display Boxes 

Product manufacturers must focus on detailing the brand and product on the packaging boxes to maintain authentication. Print the brand name and logo with a unique font style on the packaging to engross customers and enhance brand recognition. 

Meaningful logos with a clear message about the brand and its products are mandatory to make the name in the industry. Also, the color must be engaging for customers, so choose any CMYK and PMS colors that suit your preferences. 

Wrapping Up Discussion 

The above write-up shows recent trends in countertop display boxes that help you create appealing product packaging. Use pastel colors and product-related graphics to deliver information about what is packed inside the box. You must print promotional content on the box to promote the product in the industry. Eco-friendly display packaging is recyclable, and everyone loves to buy it to encourage a green environment. The use of unique shapes of display packaging for counters is in trend. So, design the display box packaging wisely to get maximum benefits from these boxes. 

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