Unique Qualities that Make Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes Stand Out 

LifestyleUnique Qualities that Make Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes Stand...

Dating as far back as 1894, custom Chinese takeout boxes have gained massive fame over the years in the US market. Their layout has evolved with time ultimately making them the top choice for food brands globally in current times.

A Short History of Chinese Food Boxes

F.W. Wilcox created his own version of the Chinese takeout box design known as ‘paper pail’ in 1894. He took inspiration from Japanese origami to make these boxes which later evolved to become Chinese food takeout boxes that we know today. Their effective promotion through movies, TVCs, and shows, made them an overnight sensation among the American public. Today, people use these boxes for food, lunch, and gift packaging and also as storage boxes and party favors.

Enhancing User Experience with Chinese Food Boxes

Chinese food boxes enjoy massive fame for several features including their peculiar designs that attract eyeballs. Several design features of these boxes provide utility to buyers that makes them a preferred choice and elevates their market value. Let’s discuss these design merits in detail:

  • Material Efficacy

A typical Chinese takeout box is made from creased paperboard which is lucrative and light in weight. The light material weight enables clients to carry these boxes around easily while their lower market rates reap economic benefits. Brands can spend the saved money on making more boxes or tailoring them to meet marketing demands.

While brands typically use paperboard for making these boxes, they also create variations of this material to enhance packaging quality. They either use recycled paper or paperboard with a coating of plastic or wax. The coating seals the box preventing food leakage and preventing moisture and outside pollutants from spoiling its quality. Such high levels of safety make custom Chinese takeout boxes ideal for shipping.

  • Branding Potential

Brands can print their logos, symbols, and taglines using vibrant colors and interesting artwork to craft boxes that ensure successful marketing. They need to provide vital details through branding to inform viewers about their vision, services, and contact info. This allows clients to easily reach out to the brand in case they want to acquire services.

Modern Chinese food boxes also contain QR codes comprising the major brand and product details. Clients just have to scan the code and they can view these details on their phones. The use of QR codes saves printing costs for companies which they can spend on marketing or improving other box features.

  • Box Utility

Chinese food boxes prove functional in the long run due to their layouts and material quality. They come with flaps that tightly interlock without glue or tape to create a secure box closure preventing food spoilage and leakage. Clients can take the food out of the box, close the flaps, and store it for future usage. Brands can also ensure safe delivery by preventing leakage of gravies and retaining their quality.

Many custom Chinese takeout boxes come with wire handles that enable buyers to easily carry them. The box handle is made of sturdy material and doesn’t break easily, enabling clients to carry heavy box contents. The fine material quality enables clients to use the boxes for storage aims. Such packaging features enable brands to offer a positive user experience.

Diverse Usage of Custom Chinese Takeout Boxes

From small food stalls and diners to five-star restaurants, almost all food brands utilize custom Chinese takeout boxes for their design merits. However, buyers can get a little creative and use these boxes for other purposes. Let’s look into the different ways both brands and buyers can make good use of these boxes:

  1. Food brands utilize these boxes for packaging edibles like pasta, sandwiches, salads, etc. They effectively hold different snacks like nuts, chips, and popcorn.
  2. These boxes work well as planters for small plants including herbs and succulents. Clients can easily move them from one place to another as they are light in weight and also take up less space.
  3. Clients can use these boxes as storage cartons for small items such as domestic and office items. They can easily carry these boxes anywhere using sturdy wire handles adding to the packaging ease.
  4. These boxes work well for gift packaging of small items like sweets, chocolates, jewelry, and cupcakes among others. Their low rates make gift packaging affordable for clients with limited budgets.
  5. They make great party favors for events like baby showers, weddings, and birthdays. Party hosts can fill these boxes with small toys, candies, and trinkets, and hand them out to guests at the party’s end to thank them for showing presence.
  6. Clients can use these boxes as plates to enjoy their meals on the go, in the house, or at the side of a stall. They just need to take off the wire handle and the box will be ready to use as a plate.
  7. It would be surprising to know but Chinese food boxes make great decorative items. Clients can paint these boxes, decorate them with ribbons, stickers, cards, etc., and hang them on the ceiling. They can make the venue look beautiful whether it’s for parties, birthdays, weddings, or other events. The low rates make these boxes an affordable decoration choice for people low on budget but still want to celebrate their happy moments with full zeal.

Green Chinese Takeout Boxes: The Saviors of Nature

With pollution becoming a global issue, people have become more aware and sensitive towards nature. They examine their choices that can negatively impact it and also raise their voices to raise awareness. As packaging can impact nature, people urge brands to adopt green packaging solutions. They cheer for brands that show care for nature and prefer them over other companies.

Made from green paperboard material, Chinese food boxes prove useful for brands due to several reasons. Firstly, they have zero carbon emission and decay easily, releasing no harmful gases in the process. The boxes can be recycled which saves a lot of material costs for brands but also prevents their wastage.

Have you ever considered creating a market buzz with your unique packaging? If yes, then opt for the custom Chinese takeout boxes as your prime packaging choice to give a fresh head start to your business. Give your clients the packaging ease they deserve and win their hearts to attain market success. Let Packaging Mania know about your marketing vision and we’ll deliver you the best boxes that will help you achieve your goals.

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