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TXT Soobin Profile, Age, Real Name, MBTI, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Soobin

Born and raised in Sangnok-gu, Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, Choi Soobin is a singer and dancer. In the five-member boy band TXT, Soobin serves as the lead vocalist, rapper, and dancer. His name is Steve in English. On January 13, 2019, the second member, Soobin, was made public.


BIRTH NAME: Choi Soo Bin

BIRTH DATE: December 5th, 2000

BIRTH PLACE: Sangnok-gu, Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

HEIGHT: 6’1″


Early Life And Career

Rapper, composer, performer, and social media influencer Soobin TXT is well-known in South Korea. Soobin is most known for being a part of the band “Tomorrow X Together.”

Soobin TXT, who is currently 21 years old, was born on December 5, 2000, in South Korea. Her real name is Choi Soo-Bin. Leo is Soobin’s astrological sign. Contrarily, Choi was born into an Asian household.

But the South Korean musician hasn’t yet given the media his mother’s and father’s names. Furthermore, there is no information accessible on Soobin’s siblings or other relatives. From a religious perspective, Soobin is a Christian.

In a relatively short amount of time, Choi has created a career in the entertainment sector as a singer and an idol in the South Korean K-pop music industry. He and the other four members of Tomorrow by Together, TXT made their debut in the music industry.

With the publication of their debut EP, ‘The Dream Chapter: Star,’ TXT made their debut. The EP debuted at number one on both the Gaon and Billboard World Albums charts. The Dream Chapter: Star made its US Billboard 200 debut at position 140.

The TXT band became the highest-charting male K-pop group with a debut album as a result of these accomplishments. After that, TXT released their studio album, “The Dream Chapter: Magic,” on October 21, 2019.

Soobin Quick Facts

In a live broadcast, Soobin cautioned his followers from following excessively restrictive diets and advised them against starving themselves, stating that the results may be disastrous.
The ideal technique to lose weight, he claimed, having tried them all himself, is one that is healthy, gradual over time, and sustainable.
In addition to rice cakes, Soobin adores bread.
He likes his bread either plain or stuffed with cream or jam.
Almond milk is another obsession of his, and he has admitted that he cannot live without it. He has stated that he would be overjoyed to get it as a birthday gift at any moment.
Mangosteen is his preferred fruit, while all forms of chocolate ice cream are his favorites.
He isn’t a picky eater, but he can’t handle cuisine that is overly hot. Except for dieting, he claims he can withstand most things.

Soobin MBTI

The adventurer personality type (ISFP, according to the MBTI) corresponds to Soobin. ISFPs are compassionate, autonomous, and sensitive people who prefer to live in the present. They like to stick by those who are important to them and avoid disagreement at all costs.

Soobin Net worth 2024

By 2024, Soobin’s net worth is anticipated to be in the neighborhood of $1.5 million. This is calculated using the money he has made from his music career, brand endorsements, and other endeavors.

The K-pop boy band TXT, which has put out three studio albums and four EPs, is led by Soobin. Numerous accolades have been bestowed upon the group, including the Mnet Asian Music Award for Best New Male Artist in 2019.
As a host of the music program Music Bank, Soobin has also worked on a number of solo projects.

Soobin has a long history of brand endorsements in addition to his music career. He has acted as an ambassador for companies like Converse, SK Telecom, and Louis Vuitton. He has additionally appeared in a number of commercials.

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