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TWICE Tzuyu Profile, Age, Boyfriend, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Tzuyu

Taiwanese singer-songwriter Tzuyu (Hangul) is signed to JYP Entertainment. She rose to fame as the leader of the well-known band TWICE, Tzuyu’s journey into the K-pop industry started in 2012 when talent scouts spotted her at the MUSE Performing Arts Workshop in Tainan, Taiwan. She took the life-altering choice to move to South Korea in November of that year to follow her aspirations as a K-pop trainee after being inspired by her talent and potential.


BIRTH NAME: Chou Tzuyu

BIRTH DATE: June 14, 1999


HEIGHT: 5’7″


Early Life And Career

On June 14, 1999, Tzuyu was born in Tainan, Taiwan. She is a South Korean-based Taiwanese singer who performs under the name Twice and is signed to JYP Entertainment. Tzuyu is the group’s principal dancer, sub-vocalist, visual, and maknae. Tzuyu was born to self-made businesspeople.

She was discovered by talent scouts in 2012 at the MUSE Performing Arts Workshop in Tainan, and in November of that same year, she travelled to South Korea to train as a K-pop artist. She participated in the South Korean reality series Sixteen in 2015 after more than two years of training, where she was selected as one of the nine members of the new girl band Twice.

The group’s first performance was on October 20, 2015. She ranked after Taeyeon and IU as the third most popular idol among young South Koreans in 2016, per a Gallup Korea study.

She and her fellow group members Chaeyoung and Dahyun passed the exam at Tainan Municipal Fusing Junior High School to validate their middle school education in 2016, and she was enrolled as a freshman at Hanlim Multi Art School in Seoul.

Tzuyu Quick Facts

TZUYU has a sibling that is older.
She comes from an affluent family; her mother also owns two coffee shops, and her parents run a network of dermatological clinics in southern Taiwan.
Sally Chou is TZUYU’s English name.
She was seen by JYP in 2012 at the MUSE Performing Arts Workshop in Tainan, and on November 15 she arrived in South Korea to begin her training.
Tzuyu took Lena’s seat on Sixteen even though she wasn’t supposed to. (Former JYP student) She falls asleep and gets up the earliest.
She has the moniker “Chocolate” for her dark skin, as well as “Chewy” and “Yoda”.
Blue is the hue that most describes her.
TZUYU’s nickname is Yoda because she enjoys Yoda from “Star Wars” and is able to emulate him well.
Her mother’s friend called the family dog Gucci after the fashion label.
TZUYU enjoys the beverage choco-ae-mong, often known as chocolate milk.
Educational institution: Hanlim Multi Arts School Tzuyu enjoys kimbap and tonkatsu.
She is the first female K-Pop idol from Taiwan to make her debut.
Spring is Tzuyu’s favorite season. Winter scares her because she is easily chilled.
Her preferred shade is indigo.
TZUYU frequently snoozes with her eyes wide open.
The members claim that she goes to bed early and rises first.
She is most assured of her chin and eyes.
TZUYU admitted that she formerly worn braces.
Her favorite flavor of BR is Cookies & Cream, and she suggested the Taiwanese film “Love.” Her aunties, on the other hand, suggested it.
When asked whether she dreams in Chinese or Korean, TZUYU replied that she is unsure because her dreams are silent.
She has already made more than $1 million.
Tzuyu, behind SNSD’s Taeyeon and IU, was the third most well-liked idol among young South Koreans in 2016, according to a Gallup Korea survey.
TWICE’s TZUYU is chosen by Taiwanese as their “Goddess of popularity.”
She was selected as having the greatest back among girl group members.

Tzuyu Boyfriend

The K-pop girl group TWICE member Tzuyu has never made it known that she has a boyfriend. Over the years, there have been a few relationship rumors, but none of them have been proven. She was allegedly dating actor Cho Jin Woong in 2016, however these claims were immediately refuted. There were also reports in 2022 that she was dating Mingyu from SEVENTEEN, however these allegations were also refuted.

Tzuyu Net worth 2024

Tzuyu is thought to be valued roughly $2 million. This includes her personal investments, endorsement fees, and revenue from her music career.

Tzuyu receives a portion of the proceeds from TWICE’s albums, singles, and live performances as payment for her musical endeavors. Additionally, she makes money from her own endeavors like modeling and performances in variety shows.

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