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TWICE Momo Profile, Age, Family, Real Name, Background, Net Worth 2024

About Momo

Momo Hirai, also known as Momo (Hangul: ), was born in Kytanabe, Kyoto, Japan, on November 9, 1996. She is most known for being the lead dancer for the JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE, Momo began dancing when she was very young. She trained at the “Step Out Studio” in Japan thanks to her talent and devotion.



BIRTH DATE: November 9, 1996

BIRTH PLACE: Kyōtanabe, Kyoto, Japan



Early Life And Career

She is a resident of South Korea and a part of the JYP Entertainment-founded South Korean girl group Twice. Three Japanese people make up Twice, including Momo. With her older sister, Hana Hirai, she began dancing when she was three. In the Japanese name, Hirai is the last name. In 2015, she began her career.

She received some early attention for the South Korean music industry before beginning her singing career. Momo had an appearance in Superstar K 2011 and a music video for Lexy in 2008.

She and her older sister Hana were first discovered by JYP Entertainment in a 2012 YouTube video. Both of them were asked to try out, but only Momo did well enough to recommend she go to South Korea in April 2012. Momo performed as a “K-Pop trainee” in a number of music videos before to joining the group Twice.

She participated in the 2015 season of the JYP Entertainment-produced reality TV program Sixteen in South Korea. But after she had been eliminated from the competition, they invited her back. Later, she became a member of Twice, a brand-new girl group.

The Story Begins, their first EP, and the lead single “Like Ooh-Ahh” were released on October 20 of the same year, marking Momo’s official debut as a member of Twice.

Momo Quick Facts

Born in Kyoto’s Kytanabe district.
Hana, her elder sister, is her name. JYP Entertainment spotted MOMO after watching a dancing video of her and her older sister (2 years older than Momo).
On April 13, 2012, she was successful in the audition. However, she sister did not survive.
MOMO was ousted from SIXTEEN in episode 6, but J.Y.Park added her to Twice because to her dance prowess.
MOMO is the Japanese word for peach.
Pink is the hue that most describes her.
MOMO dances to urban music with the most assurance. She enjoys dancing to hip hop as well.
When she was 3 years old, she began taking dancing lessons because she wanted to imitate her older sister.
MOMO enjoys eating a lot. She particularly like the Korean dish jokbal, which is made of soy sauce- and spice-cooked pig’s trotters.
She is referred to as both a “dancing machine” and a “eating machine.”
MOMO dislikes melons, cucumbers, and watermelons.
She dislikes milk and won’t drink it.
MOMO watches dramas to fall asleep.
She enjoys dolls and plush toys.
Pink is MOMO’s favorite color.
Petco, Pudding, and Lucky are her three female canines; unfortunately, she is allergic to dogs.
Both MOMO and BAMBAM from GOT7 have mothers that adore Rain.
She is sensitive to salmon.
MOMO shudders at heights.
MOMO advises visiting the Japanese hot springs in Arima Onsen throughout the winter.
She appeared in the music videos for Wooyoung’s “Rose” (Japanese) MV, Miss A’s “Only You,” GOT7’s “Stop Stop It,” and Junho’s “Feel” (Japanese).
She was in the “Sweet Dream” music video with Heechul and Min Kyung Hoon.
MOMO took part in the “Hit the Stage” competition.
She enjoys clinging to other family members.
She admitted on Hit The Stage that ever since being kicked off of Sixteen, she has been terrified of survival shows.
Budae Jjigae (Army stew), a dish from Korea, is Her’s second favorite dish.
Since MOMO won’t stop sleeping, Jeongyeon dries her hair for her.
MOMO claims that her hair dye wears off quickly, but Sana made fun of her by claiming that Momo doesn’t wash frequently.
She dislikes roller coasters and other such rides.
She frequently opens her mouth at inconvenient times.
The member who naps the most is MOMO.
She is able to snooze wherever.
MOMO is thought to be the group’s cutest member. (Oppa Thinking) MOMO owns a colorful plush bear named Bearing that she purchased in Singapore. Twice TV6 Episode 8
When she was younger, a friend shoved her, causing her head to hit the wall. Before that, she was good in English. (Knowing Bros) – MOMO dislikes drinking water, according to TZUYU.
MOMO claimed that she resembles a raccoon and that a raccoon appears on her signature. (Knowing Brothers) JEONGYEON and MOMO share a room in the dorm.
It was in January 2020

Momo Family/ Sister

Hana Hirai is Momo Hirai’s older sister and the star of TWICE. Hana, a dancer as well, was Momo’s fellow trainee at JYP Entertainment. Hana, however, was not chosen to join TWICE.
Hana Hirai is a twin.opens a fresh window

Hana and Momo are good friends who frequently help each other out professionally. Even Hana has been known to perform dance renditions of TWICE songs.

Nobody is aware of Momo’s parentage. They have, however, made it very known that they back Momo’s aspirations. They permitted her to go to South Korea so she could pursue a K-pop career, and they have been spotted at TWO concerts.

Momo Net worth 2024

As of 2024, Momo Hirai, a member of the South Korean girl group TWICE, is thought to be worth $5 million. She has accumulated her riches from sponsorship deals, other commercial endeavors, and her music career.

Momo is one of the most well-liked members of TWICE, one of the most well-known K-pop groups in the world. She is renowned for having a dynamic stage presence and strong dancing abilities. S

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