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Top 10 Hottest Cities In The USA For 2024

With summertime temperatures routinely rising beyond 100 F, some of the most populous cities in the United States are also among of the warmest places to be.

The intense heat that Death Valley, California, experiences is unmatched by many cities, however many American communities have a much larger population than Death Valley.

Here are 10 of the warmest American cities with a population of over 250,000, from the Atlantic Ocean’s coasts to the Southwest deserts.

10. Orlando, Florida

One of Florida’s most popular tourist destinations is also one of its hottest towns, with a record-breaking 72 million visitors in 2017.

In contrast to Miami, Orlando occasionally sees temperatures above 100 degrees, with a record high of 103. The same holds true for overnight temperatures, which rarely fall below 60 degrees from June through September.

9. Dallas

Dallas can endure some of the warmest weather of all of Texas’ major cities because it is situated further inland from the Gulf of Mexico than Houston or San Antonio.

Daily highs in the mid- to upper 90s are not uncommon from the end of June to early September due to the location’s distance from the source of tropical precipitation.

8. Fresno, California

The Central Valley is California’s warmest region, with regular triple-digit temperatures, outside of the Mojave and Colorado Deserts. This includes Fresno, which is home to more than 500,000 people.

The longest run in the city’s history occurred in 2018, when temperatures were above 100 degrees for 30 straight days.

7. Houston

The longest run in the city’s history occurred in 2018, when temperatures were above 100 degrees for 30 straight days.

Particularly in Huston, the yearly average temperature is around 71 degrees Fahrenheit. The humidity, however, is the fundamental distinction between Huston and the other cities on the list. For instance, Huston receives more rain each year than Phoenix does, by more than a factor of 7.

6. Miami

Miami’s proximity to the tropics can make it feel oppressively hot, especially for people not used to the high humidity levels, even though temperatures there don’t get as high as they do in the southwest of the United States during the summer.

Miami is the warmest city in the US in terms of average temperature year-round, although there are a number of places in the country that can experience summer temperatures that are far higher than Miami.

5. San Antonio, Texas

More than 1.5 million people live in San Antonio, where long portions of the summertime encounter temperatures in the 90s.

With an average mid-summer temperature of up to nearly 98°F each day, residents of this city face extremely hot weather for nearly the whole year. In recent years, San Antonio has reportedly seen a rise in temperature and a lengthening of the summer season.

4. Riverside, California

While the Pacific Ocean’s cool waters help Southern California’s coastline regions experience cooler temperatures, interior regions are sometimes significantly hotter.

Every month from April through October, Riverside, California, which is about 50 miles east of downtown Los Angeles, had triple-digit temperatures, with an all-time high of 118. This is just a few degrees below Phoenix’s record high and surpasses Las Vegas’ all-time high.

3. Tucson, Arizona

Tucson, Arizona, which is 100 miles to the northwest of Phoenix and is situated on the edge of the Sonoran Desert, is almost as hot.

Tucson saw one of its warmest summers in recent memory in 2013, when temperatures in the city above 100 degrees for 39 straight days, including the whole month of June.

Tucson is around 60 miles from the border with Mexico. Because northern Mexico is the warmest part of the country, Tucson’s temperature isn’t all that different from there. Tucson experiences summertime temperatures that often exceed 95 degrees. In the months of May through September, the average temperature is 90 °F. However, like most other cities in Arizona, Tucson can have extremely cold winters, unlike Mexico.

2. Las Vegas

Although Las Vegas is a well-known tourist destination in the southwest of the country, travellers may wish to make plans to visit places that have air conditioning in the summer.

More than 70 days a year, the city enjoys triple-digit temperatures, and it has frequently reached an all-time high of 117 degrees. As a result, it will be among the most popular cities in the USA in 2022.

1. Phoenix

More than 1.6 million people live in Phoenix, which frequently has among of the country’s hottest temperatures.

More than 1.6 million people live in the city, where the temperature usually exceeds 90°F for more than 169 days out of the year. The mountains surrounding the valley are to blame for the high temperature because they keep out clouds and rain, which in turn causes heat to accumulate under high air pressure.

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