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Tips To Carry Out Dryer Vent Cleaning Toronto Like a Pro

How To Carry Out Dryer Vent Cleaning Toronto for Optimum Results

When you finally decide to clean your home, carrying out dryer vent cleaning Toronto is likely not the first thing you consider. However, this ought not be the case. It should be first on your cleaning list. There are so many advantages of cleaning your dryer, such as safety and optimal functioning.

Cleaning your dryer vent could take a significant amount of your time if you decide to do it. However, considering that you only need to do it once or twice a year and the many benefits it brings, it is worth your time. According to Dryer Vent Cleaning Today, dryers are the main causes of domestic fires and cleaning them at least twice a year could go a long way toward mitigating them. The process might seem difficult, but we are here to give you the nitty grits of accomplishing it.

1. Locating Your Dryer Vent

After the first dryer vent cleaning service, you should be able to locate the dryer vent easily. Dryer vents work by pushing hot air through the clothes to remove moisture. The fan drives out the hot air. During this process, lint and fibers normally get trapped in the vent. If not removed, this accumulated lint can cause fire.

Now, how do you locate it? Normally, dryer vents are connected at the back of the machine, and then the tube extends to the outside when it throws out the lint, debris, and hot air. The tube looks like a big aluminum tube, so it is easy to identify.

2. Locating The Interior Vent

Before that, you will need the following items: a drill, a broom, and a vent cleaning kit. To start, you should identify the vent. Check the rear side of the dryer, and you will see an aluminum tube connecting to the wall. Switch off and unplug the electricity from the wall, and then push the dryer away. You must turn off the valve if you have a gas dryer.

3. Disconnecting The Vent

Remove the tapping (aluminum-like foil), keeping the tube and exhaust connected. However, be careful not to pull the tube. It comes out easily without applying a lot of force.

4. Take Out the Vacuum

Now that you have detached the vent, the next step should be vacuuming around the entry and inside to take all the debris and other waste around it. Afterward, you should use your dryer kit for deep cleaning and safely removing the lint.

5. Time To Get Your Duct Cleaning Kit to Work

If you have never carried out dryer vent cleaning in Toronto at your home, you probably don’t have the cleaning kit. You can find it in your nearest home improvement store or order it on Amazon, whatever works for you. It costs around $20-$30. Once you get the kit, use a drill to attach rods long enough to reach the deepest lengths of your vents, up to 12 feet or more.

Note that in some cases, the rods could detach, so you would want to hold them tight and in place using electrical tape. While this is unlikely, you don’t want your kit to get stuck in your vents and waste more time trying to remove it.

6. Flying Debris 

After getting rid of all that dirt, you will be able to see the debris and other dirt in the dryer vent, and it is time to mop it using your dustpan or broom. This is essential in dryer vent cleaning service before proceeding since it may re-enter the vent if you don’t mob it. This debris could be small rocks, lint, clothing tags, etc.

7. Locate The Exterior Vent

When doing dryer vent cleaning Toronto in a single home, locating the exterior vent won’t be daunting. The vent is normally located near the ground or at the exterior ceiling. Clean it following the same process you followed when cleaning interior vents.

However, if you live in a complex, you may find it hard to clean the exterior vents since you may be unable to access them easily. Your home maintenance services will most probably carry this out for you.

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