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The NY Fed Study Reveals A Substantial Decline In Near-Term Inflation Predictions

People’ forecasts for the direction of inflation in the near future declined to almost a two-year low last month, which may lessen pressure on the Federal Reserve to boost interest rates in the face of new uncertainties brought on by the instability in the US financial sector.

The New York Fed’s Survey of Consumer Expectations on Monday revealed that respondents expected inflation to stand at 4.2% a year from now. This is the first of a series of critical readings on inflation, consumer spending, and sentiment that could determine whether the U.S. central bank presses forward with interest rate hikes or pauses to assess the fallout from bank failures that prompted it to take emergency action.

The lowest level since May 2021’s 4% reading, it represents a significant decline from the 5% estimate in January.

The anticipated rate of inflation three years from now remained constant at 2.7%, matching the rate last observed in October 2020, while the anticipated rate of inflation five years from now was projected to reach 2.6%, up from the estimated rate of 2.5% in January.

Tuesday will see the release of Consumer Price Index data for February from the Labor Department. According to Reuters’ survey of economists, the CPI is forecast to increase by 0.4% month over month and 6% year. With food and energy prices excluded, the CPI is also anticipated to slow to a 0.4% monthly increase, with the annualized pace easing to a 5.5% increase.

Just in time for the Fed’s policy meeting on March 21–22, the New York Fed survey was released. In light of the central bank’s continued efforts to reduce the high levels of inflation, an increase in interest rates had been generally anticipated up until this past weekend.

The forecast for monetary policy has been thrown off by Silicon Valley Bank’s bankruptcy, which compelled government authorities to provide further liquidity support to the banking system. Some analysts, notably those from Goldman Sachs, are currently advocating against raising rates, while others think that additional action is still necessary given the economic forecast in order to help return price pressures to the Fed’s 2% target.


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officials from the Fed had seen that what seemed to be a trend of easing pricing pressures was really an illusion. In testimony to Congress last week, Fed Chair Jerome Powell said that, in order to bring inflation back down, the central bank would likely need to be more aggressive with its rate increases over time.
A higher-than-expected CPI reading, which is scheduled to be released on Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. EDT (12:30 p.m. GMT), could increase pressure on the Fed to raise interest rates once more, even though concerns about financial stability, which are crucial to monetary policy discussions, might persuade the central bank to hold off.

The SVB scenario had not yet occurred when the New York Fed report was written, therefore it does not account for its effects.

The survey was a favorable outcome for the Fed on its own, as policymakers believe that public expectations of inflation play a role in determining the extent of price pressures that really exist. The relative stability of longer-term inflation expectations, according to U.S. central bank officials, is an indication that the public is still convinced the Fed will restore price pressures to the target range.

Expectations of lower prices were found in the report for several important components. Gas, food, rent, medical care, and college costs for households decreased last month. The general population also had more optimistic opinions about the employment market and household budgets.
According to the research, people expect housing prices to increase by 1.4%, up from their 1.1% projection in January. Nonetheless, the New York Fed observed that the data from last month is still much below the 3.4% annualized increase in home prices that was anticipated.

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