The 10 Most Handsome Men Alive In 2023


The contest was organized by The Netizens Report magazine and featured over 70 male celebrities from around the world. The voting was open to fans from all over the world, and the results were based on a combination of votes and expert opinions.

Jeon Jungkook, the lead vocalist of BTS, was the clear winner of the contest, receiving the most votes from fans. He is the first K-pop star to win the title.

The other finalists in the contest are all well-known and respected actors, musicians, and athletes featuring the likes of Justine Bieber, Harry Styles, Christiano Ronaldo. They are all considered to be among the most handsome men in the world, and their victory is a testament to their global popularity and appeal.

2. Build Jakapan

3. Zhang Zhe Han

4. Justin Dedios

5. Xiao Zhan

6. Halil Ibrahim

7. Felip Suson


8. Josh Cullen Santos

9. Stell Ajero

10. Win Metawin