Tenerife: A Guide to the Best Places to Visit for Two Days

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Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands, is a place of contrasts and diverse landscapes. From the sunny beaches to the dramatic peaks of Teide National Park, this island offers a plethora of sights and activities that can fill any itinerary. With just two days to explore, planning is key to experiencing the absolute best Tenerife has to offer. In the following guide, we plan to navigate through the island’s must-visit destinations, interspersed with practical advice on transportation, ensuring a memorable adventure. Our challenge for this? Fit as much into a two-day schedule as possible! 

Day One: Exploring the Natural Wonders

Ok, so you’ve just landed at the airport, full of energy (hopefully) and excitement to begin your Tenerife trip! As time is of the essence, we want to make sure that you spend as little time at the airport as possible. Although you could rent a car, that may waste time at the rental office. The best option you have is pre-booking your transfers from Tenerife South Airport in advance, meaning a driver will be there waiting to pick you up. 

Morning: Teide National Park

Begin the first full day of your Tenerife adventure at Teide National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage site that’s home to Mount Teide, Spain’s highest peak. The landscape here, often likened to a lunar surface, offers a dramatic departure from the typical coastal views associated with the island. Opt for a cable car ride to the summit’s base for breathtaking vistas. Remember, due to the altitude, it can be quite cool, so dressing in layers is wise.

Afternoon: Los Gigantes Cliffs

After descending from the heights of Teide, make your way to the west coast to gaze upon the Los Gigantes Cliffs. These towering sea cliffs offer spectacular views from the town of Los Gigantes. Boat trips from the harbour provide a sea-level perspective of the cliffs, allowing visitors to appreciate their sheer magnitude up close.

Day Two: Cultural Immersion and Relaxation

Now moving on to day two. So, you feel that you’ve gotten in touch with the island’s landscape, but what about the people and history? Well, day two is all about seeing what makes Tenerife such a unique destination. Whether you spend the day sipping coffees or aperitifs, or prefer a walking tour, our options below can satisfy either. 

Morning: La Laguna

The historic town of La Laguna, another UNESCO World Heritage site, presents a stark contrast to Tenerife’s natural landscapes. Its well-preserved colonial architecture and cobbled streets invite leisurely exploration. The town’s numerous cafes and bistros offer perfect spots for a relaxed breakfast or a mid-morning coffee.

Afternoon: Playa de las Américas

Conclude your two-day tour at Playa de las Américas, Tenerife’s busy resort area. With its array of beaches, shops, restaurants, and bars, it’s an ideal location to unwind and reflect on your brief, yet eventful, journey through Tenerife.

Getting Around: Transportation Options

Navigating Tenerife efficiently is crucial to maximising your short stay. The island offers several transportation options suited to different preferences and itineraries. Although we did stress the efficiency of transfers already, they may take away from the opportunity to see local life, something that public transport encapsulates perfectly. 

Public Transport: Buses and Trams

Tenerife’s public transport system, consisting of buses (known locally as guaguas) and a tram line, covers most of the island, including major tourist destinations. Buses are reliable and offer an affordable way to get around, though schedules can be less frequent in rural areas.

Car Hire

For those who prefer a more independent exploration of the island, hiring a car provides the flexibility to visit remote locations not easily accessible by public transport. Roads are generally in good condition, and signage is clear, making navigation straightforward.

Taxi Transfers

As said above, for direct and hassle-free journeys, especially to and from the airport, taxi transfers are a popular choice. Pre-booking your taxi ensures that your vehicle is ready upon arrival, complete with any specific requirements such as child seats. This convenience is particularly appreciated after a long flight or when travelling with significant luggage.

Transportation Mode Pros Cons
Public Transport Affordable, covers major areas Less frequent in rural areas
Car Hire Flexible, ideal for remote places Costs can add up, driving on unfamiliar roads
Taxi Transfers Convenient, no wait times More expensive than public transport


Tenerife, with its diverse landscapes and rich cultural offerings, provides a vibrant backdrop for an unforgettable two-day escape. By strategically planning your visit and choosing the right transportation options, you can immerse yourself in the island’s natural beauty and cultural depth, leaving with memories that last a lifetime. Whether you’re scaling the heights of Teide or wandering the historic streets of La Laguna, Tenerife beckons with adventures that cater to every taste and preference.

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