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Survey Of 12,000 UK Employees Reveals That About 2/3 Of Workers Would Refer To Work Four Days Each Week Away From The Office

According to a recent survey, nearly two-thirds of workers prefer working four days each week.
According to a 12,000-person poll conducted by the employment agency Hays, nearly two-thirds of workers favor switching to a four-day workweek centered in the office.

Employers would be more likely to accommodate the switch, according to one third of them, if employees spent all four days on-site.

A little less than two thirds of employees said they would think about changing employment if another company offered a reduced workweek.

When compared to a similar poll taken last year, this is up from a little over 50%.
The findings come after a recent study in which 61 UK companies cut their workers’ working hours by 20% while maintaining their pay rates.

This study saw about 2,900 people work a four-day week for six months starting June 2022.

Surveys found that 39 per cent of staff felt less stressed thanks to reduced hours, with bosses even reporting an increase in revenue while productivity was constant.

According to Gaelle Blake of Hays UK and Ireland, “It is evident from our data that both professionals and employers now have a greater hunger for a four-day workweek.”

Nevertheless, just 5% of those who responded to our study really work for a company where this is truly taking place.

A shorter workweek encourages employees to spend more time with their children or aging parents and, owing to the longer weekend, offers them the chance to discover new interests or hobbies.

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, more workers started working from home and shifted away from the traditional nine-to-five, five-day workweek.

The concept, according to detractors, would not work in customer-facing positions or in 24/7 operations, for example, when overtime payments would result in additional costs for companies or the taxpayer.
Some economists contend that cutting back on work hours would result in a worse level of living.

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