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Sam DuBose was shot and killed in July 2015. It happened in Cincinnati, Ohio, and he was unarmed at the time of his shooting. A University of Cincinnati police officer killed him during a traffic stop because he didn’t have a front license plate on his vehicle. DuBose was a father of 13 children, and he was a well-known rapper and music producer in the area.

The Sam DuBose police record is something that everyone can see. In fact, you can learn about anyone’s police record with a good criminal records search tool. Read on to learn more about Sam DuBose’s police record and get the full story.

Who Is Sam DuBose?

Samuel DuBose was a 43-year-old man and a father to 13 children with 11 different women. He was an up-and-coming music producer and rapper, but his life ended abruptly when Ray Tensing, a University of Cincinnati police officer, shot him. According to family and friends, DuBose was loved by the community, his family, and many of his friends. DeBose was also part of a motorcycle group, and he enjoyed long rides with other club members.

Did Sam DuBose Have a Criminal Record?

Yes, DuBose had a criminal record. He had around 90 run-ins with the police, and more than half of them started with traffic stops. Most of the traffic stops resulted in traffic infractions and violations. That said, there were some more notable crimes on his record. DuBose’s court records show a history of drug-related offenses due to marijuana possession and distribution. In total, there were 25 arrests due to marijuana, but most of them only amounted to time spent in a county jail.

Most of his offenses were minor, but he did serve time due to a trafficking charge. None of his previous charges resulted in resisting arrest or being armed.

Who Is Ray Tensing?

Ray Tensing was a white University of Cincinnati police officer at the time of the shooting, and he’s the man responsible for shooting Sam DuBose. He was only 25 when the shooting happened, and up until that point, he was considered to be a great police officer by friends and family. That said, he was unable to make the cut at the Ohio State Highway Patrol’s training academy because he could not adapt to the job’s physical and mental demands.

Was Ray Tensing Charged?

Ray Tensing was charged just 10 days after the shooting of DeBose with murder and voluntary manslaughter. From there, he was fired from his university police officer role and had to go to trial. The first trial began on Halloween of 2016, but it went to a mistrial because the jury was deadlocked. A retrial was slated to start in May of 2017, and the case proceeded. However, the second case also ended in a mistrial due to a second deadlocked jury. The case was then dropped in July of 2017.

Are the Sam DuBose Police Records Public?

Yes, Sam DuBose’s police records are public. You can view them online when you run a Google search or use a criminal records search tool to find information about his criminal history, Ray Tensing, and the shooting. All criminal records are public, so you can view criminal records about anyone, including people from some of the most prolific people in the country.

Where Can You Find the Sam DuBose Police Record?

Sam DuBose’s police record can be found online with the right tools. You can use Google to view some of the records, like the body cam footage, but if you want to see the full police report, you need to use a criminal records search tool. A good criminal records search tool can help you view personal details about the person, such as when the crime was committed, details of the crime, and even the outcome of any sentencing.

In the case of Sam DuBose, you can view details about the case and find out what happened to Ray Tensing, the man who shot Debose.

View the Sam DuBose Police Records Today

Criminal records search tools can help you view anyone’s criminal records. As long as the record is public, you view anything that’s on their record. All you need to get started is the right tool, and we always recommend searching with Information.com for the most current and accurate results.

Search online today and view the Sam DuBose police record when and how you want.

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