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How to Get a Welcome Bonus in a Business Account?

Numerous trading platforms provide a welcome bonus to their registered users. You will start trading with the welcome bonus and will withdraw the earned funds from your account. To get the welcome bonus, you only need to register your account with the platform that is offering the welcome bonus for new users.

Moreover, the internet is filled with diverse platforms and some are offering this opportunity, as a welcome bonus. You need to check their privacy terms and if it feels secure, you can go with it. Some platforms might ask for the agreement terms from the users. This article will share more crucial information related to the welcome bonus and will also elaborate on one platform that is offering such advantages.

What Is a Welcome Bonus in a Trading Account?

The welcome bonus is a free deposit that is provided by the exchange to the registered user. The user needs to create a Welcome account on the same platform on which the welcome bonus is being offered. The terms are mandatory to accept to be eligible for the free bonus.

The account creation is almost identical on all platforms but some may require additional information or details. To create the account, The user must provide the phone number, email address, name, address, and resident address. After the completion of the account, the user will need to do some trades.

Whether the user makes a profit or loses the amount, the record of the trade will help to get the welcome bonus. Although such terms are mandatory on almost all trading platforms few might not ask for such things. The provided welcome bonus can be utilized for trade and is also acceptable for withdrawal.

What Platform is Offering Welcome Bonus?

The welcome bonus is a great benefit for a trader to start trading without investing. Numerous trading platforms are offering such features. You can visit the platforms to read their terms and conditions to know if they satisfy you. Then you can select if it meets your preferences.

Justmarkets is a popular trading platform that offers a Welcome Bonus to new registered users. This platform has also some terms and conditions for users such as exciting clients can not open a welcome account, clients can not open more than one welcome account.

Furthermore, there are also many other terms and rules, you can read it out on their official site. The welcome bonus price is 30$ which only new registered users will get to start their first trade. The profit made from the trade will be withdrawn if the bonus conditions are met.

How to Get a Welcome Bonus?

To Get a Welcome bonus you need to follow the given below steps:

  1. Register your account on the Platform (offers welcome bonus).
  2. Open a Welcome account after the profile creation.
  3. Start trading and make at least 5 trades in 30 days.
  4. Transfer your funds from the welcome account to Standard.

These were the steps to get the Welcome bonus and after getting a bonus, you can make trades or withdraw the funds.

Final Thoughts

The Welcome Bonus is a great opportunity for newcomers in trading to start without investing. This opportunity is not provided by all the trading platforms. So, if you see such a chance for your trading career, don’t miss it. Claim the welcome bonus and get started with your journey.

Justmarkets is one of the leading trading platforms offering a welcome bonus to new users. You need to register your account and then to the welcome account to get the 30$ welcome bonus deposit. You can transfer the bonus to your standard account or standard pro account. Also, you can withdraw it. 

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