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How To Dye 613 Wig For a Modern Look

Being fashionable and elegant means trendy and customized, and a 613 wig, when dyed, could be a unique and improved way to advance your style. Whether you are planning a seasonal fashion with pastel tones, a brightly colored wig with 613 can be a great way to explore your own style statements to the fullest. As a base for an eye-catching blonde wig, the 613 wig shades can become your ally for achieving a futuristic and fashion-forward look. In this sequel, you will be guided in the way how to dye 613 wig to a contemporary appearance and thereby express yourself and your preferences.

Dyed, 613 wigs, the wigs that have been pre-bleached and therefore do not need to be bleached again, are smoother in applying color because the light base does not need this process again. Here’s a simplified guide on how to dye your 613 wig: Here’s a simplified guide on how to dye your 613 wig:

1. Supplies Needed:

  • Hair dye of your choice: Choose a hair dye that is superior and intended for utilization on wigs in addition to the color you would like to achieve. Despite the factors you should consider, the intensity of color or additional features like conditioning properties are the elements that must be thought out since they are relevant factors.
  • Developer (if your dye requires it): For the hair dye-containing developer, first confirm you know the correct type. They should be used in the proportion that is indicated on the manufacturer’s formula. The developer is used to be applied to the fabric and can be different in strength, so the developer choice should be individual for one or another coloring level. When using the acids please remember to put on the gloves to protect your palms against them.
  • Mixing bowl: The hair dye and developer can be mixed in a mixing bowl until they incorporate into each other. Use a non-metallic bowl to eliminate the contact or any undesired chemical reactions with the dye or developer. Make sure that the bowl is clean and dry beforehand, then pour the developer along with the dye inside.
  • Dye brush: A dye brush is used to apply the hair dye to the strands of the wig and gives the look of having natural colors. Select the most suitable brush that has soft bristles and can distribute the dye evenly and it can not damage the hair of the wig. In the beginning take a wig: the dye should be applied from roots to ends, so the whole surface is covered.
  • Gloves: Watch for stains on your hands by wearing gloves all the way through your dye process. Disposable latex or vinyl gloves are the best option here because they act as a protective shield between your hands and contact with the dye or the developers, which are highly damaging to your skin. To continue cleanliness, replace gloves (if chances are higher, they get damaged or soaked with paint).
  • Aluminum foil or plastic wrap: Cover the dyed parts of the wig with either aluminum foil or plastic wrap; you should do this, especially if you’re applying multiple colors or if you’re just trying to do high lighting. This method of infusing the dye creates concentrated pigment, thereby allowing a lighter application to other sections of the wig. Make sure the foil or wrap is tight as otherwise, it would not stay in place during processing.
  • Wig stand or mannequin head: Place the wig on a wig stand or an edifice if you have one to have the wig reach every bit of it. Tying the knots in the sock at repeated lengths makes this process even easier, and the dye evenly covers every part of the sock. Keep the wig firmly put to either the stand or the head, and carefully apply the part when dyeing.
  • Comb (preferably wide-toothed): Handle the wig tangle with a wide-toothed comb prior to and after dyeing for evenly distributed dye and smooth results. In an unhurried manner, part each part of the wig to get rid of the knots or tangles, starting at the lower parts of the real hair and working upward to the roots.

2. Steps:


  • Taking off/putting on your wig on a wig stand or mannequin head would be more easily maneuvered around.
  • Approach the wig meticulously and brush it lightly to disentangle the knots.
  • While wearing old clothes or a cape and with gloves on to protect your skin and clothes from dye is unnecessary, it is advisable to do so.

Mixing the Dye:

  • If your dye must mix with a developer while you are mixing them according to the instructions on the product make sure to get the correct ratio.
  • Stir the developer and the dying solution well using a box and a paintbrush.

Applying the Dye:

  • First, dye the hair of the wig, starting with the roots and moving to the ends step by step. Using the brush, apply it in a uniform way and, at the same time, be sure that each strand is covered.
  • Depending on the job type or the number of colors used, either section the wig and work on one section at a time or work on one section at a time.

Waiting Time:

  • Refer to the dye manufacturer’s recommended soaking time to avoid unnecessary waste and accidentally over-dyeing your fabric. It is important that the time limit is not exceeded to protect the wig from possible damage.


  • Discard the wig under lukewarm water until the water is clear. Water that is too hot, for example, can destroy wig, so it is better to stay in a cold one.
  • Apply a conditioner that is specially formulated for dyed hair and then rinse it out after a recommended time.


  • A light drying with a towel in order to remove the moisture is very necessary.Avoid wringing or twisting.
  • Lay the wig on a towel or use a wig stand, if you have one, and let the wig air dry. Water is an important component of every fabric and should be treated carefully so it is important to use a blow dryer that has cool settings to preserve the fabric from any heat damages.

3. Additional Tips:

  • First, a strand test should be done to check the shade of the given dye on the wig. After that, follow the instructions step by step.
  • Do not dye the wig before consulting the wig manufacturer’s directives, as some wigs have specific care rules.

4. Try Dye 613 Wigs from Luvme Hair for your easiness

These 613 wigs of Luvme Hair can be styled easily and give you the same natural look as your existing hair dye. Luvme Hair is featured among the best sellers with 613 blonde wigs with natural hair that suit style lovers perfectly and give them an amazing opportunity to grow their sense of fashion. Providing flawless and durable wigs is the main goal of our company. Therefore, the wigs made here are meticulously crafted and look as natural as possible. Being a universal human hair, coloring 613 wigs by Luvme offers discontinuous being-one, from cool stripes to bold shades. The dye-ability of these wigs is totally in line with the daily wear of any stylist at work or anybody who wants to fix this trend at home. Bring out your inner beauty combined with confidence and convenience to switch up your style by using 613 wig hair trimmings on your next dyeing project.

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