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How to Deal With a WordPress Website That’s Not Loading

WordPress is one of the best content manager systems to build professional websites. But that doesn’t mean you’ll never run into issues or inconveniences. When your business website doesn’t load, that presents a significant concern. What’s the point of having a beautifully designed and functional website if users can’t access it? 

A business website that doesn’t load can lead to significant losses, such as a drop in search engine rankings, high bounce rates, poor customer experience, and loss of website traffic. Once you find out your site isn’t loading, you should find the problem and fix it ASAP. You don’t know where to start? We’ve got you. Enterprise WordPress development professionals guided us through the essential steps to take when your WordPress website isn’t loading. 

Possible Reasons Why Your Website Isn’t Loading

First things first, you must find the source of the problem. Here is a checklist of the most common issues that cause a site to stop working correctly. 

  • Expired domain: The reason why your site isn’t loading can be that your domain has expired. That could happen simply because you forgot to renew it. 
  • Server: The problem comes directly from a server crash.
  • Hosting service issues: The problem can be on the host’s end or yours. 
  • Broken code: This is one of the most common reasons a WordPress website doesn’t load. In such cases, your business website will likely show a blank domain page.

6 Ways to Fix a WordPress Site That Isn’t Loading

Clear Web Browser Caches and Cookies

You need a web browser to access your site; if the browser is facing issues, your website won’t load properly. The first step to fixing a WordPress site that isn’t loading is to check the web browser. For this solution, head to your browser’s settings and clear all data, caches, cookies, and history; you can also update the browser to its latest version. If the issue lies there, once you clear the caches and update the browser, your website should load just fine. 

Contact Your Hosting Provider

If cleaning your browser cache doesn’t fix the problem and your website is down, you can contact your hosting provider. The problem could be on their end due to maintenance, repair, security, software upgrade, or other safety and improvement reasons. 

You could also experience hosting issues related to small disk space. Your website will stop loading if it exceeds your disk space limit. Delete unnecessary items from your WordPress website or upgrade your hosting plan to solve the issue. 

Fix The White Screen of Death

You have encountered a white screen of death (WSoD) when your site only shows a white screen without an error detection message. While this can occur for many reasons, the primary one is compatibility issues with themes and plugins. 

To solve this error, you must go to the File Manager from the cPanel of your site. There, visit the public_html >wp-content folder, where the plugins and themes folders are located. Rename the plugin folder and refresh the page to see if you fixed the problem. If not, rename the theme folder and refresh the page again. Repeat this trial-and-error process with the subfolders of the theme and plugin folders. If the issue is somewhere in those folders, the white screen will vanish. 

Find and Eliminate Broken Codes

Broken code can generate all sorts of issues on a website, including causing a site not to load. It can be challenging to find a broken code, but it usually can be found on a website that uses low-quality themes or plugins. So, here’s where you want to start your search. First, deactivate the current theme and return to the default WordPress theme. Secondly, you must deactivate all the plugins and check if the problem is gone. If this works, you will have to reactivate plugins one by one until you find the one that caused the issue. 

Outdated WordPress Version

An old or outdated version of WordPress could be the reason behind your site not loading correctly. The best practice to use WordPress as your business website builder and CMS is to use the latest version. A good rule of thumb is always to keep updated with new WordPress releases. 

Outdated Themes and Plugins

Your website loading issue can also come from outdated themes and plugins. Have you tried all the solutions mentioned above, and nothing is working? Then this may be your issue. Just like WordPress, the themes and plugins you use need to stay up-to-date. 

Final Thoughts 

We hope you find this article helpful in solving your problem. Whenever your WordPress website fails to load, you can come back to this guide to solve the problem quickly. Remember that a fully functional and fast-loading site are two significant points for an excellent user experience. Always address these kinds of issues ASAP to maintain the success of your website business. 

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