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From Beach to Ballroom: Aussie Guide to Every Wedding Dress Code

G’day, fashion-savvy mates! Got a wedding coming up and not sure what to wear? No worries! Whether you’re off to a beach bash or a swanky city soiree, we’ve got the lowdown on why green guest wedding dresses might just be your secret weapon.

Why Green Guest Wedding Dresses are a Hit Down Under

Who would’ve thought? Green dresses are more versatile than you’d think. They’re fresh, fun, and can fit in anywhere in our diverse Aussie landscapes.

Decoding the Wedding Dress Codes

1. Casual or Beachy Affairs

The Vibe: Sun, sand, and good vibes.

The Dress Code: Keep it easy-going and comfy.

Green Dress Option: A light, breezy mint green sundress or a flowy maxi with some floral flair can nail the look.

2. Semi-Formal or Garden Parties

The Vibe: Think garden settings and relaxed elegance.

The Dress Code: A bit more polished than casual but not too fancy.

Green Dress Option: Try a knee-length emerald number with a touch of lace or embroidery. Team it up with some stylish sandals, and you’re sorted.

3. Formal or City Chic

The Vibe: Urban elegance with a touch of glam.

The Dress Code: Time to glam up a bit!

Green Dress Option: A deep forest green dress with a hint of sparkle or shine can elevate your look in an instant.

4. Black Tie or Ballroom Extravaganzas

The Vibe: Fancy venues and a grand atmosphere.

The Dress Code: Long gowns for the ladies and sharp tuxedos for the gents.

Green Dress Option: Go big with a lush dark green evening gown. Think chic draping or some glitzy details for that wow factor.

Green Dress Styling Tips


  • Do mix and match your accessories. A bit of gold or silver can work wonders with green.
  • Do experiment with different shades of green. Find one that makes you shine.
  • Do embrace nature-inspired bling. A floral hairpin or leafy earrings? Yes, please!


  • Don’t drown in green. You want to stand out, not blend in.
  • Don’t skimp on the quality. Lighter greens can be a bit see-through, so choose wisely.
  • Don’t forget the footwear. Whether it’s heels, flats, or stylish sandals, make sure they match the vibe.

Where to Find Your Dream Green Dress

With heaps of Aussie boutiques and online stores out there, finding your dream green guest wedding dress is a breeze. Take your time, try a few styles, and you’ll be set to steal the show.

So there you have it! Whether you’re hitting the beach or the ballroom, there’s a green guest wedding dress with your name on it. With these tips and a dash of Aussie charm, you’ll be the talk of the wedding for all the right reasons. Cheers to love, laughs, and killer fashion!

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