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Ex-President Sees Biggest 2024 Lead Over Biden In More Than A Year Despite Legal Problems Swirling Around Him

According to a brand-new White House survey from 2024, former President Donald Trump has a larger advantage over President Joe Biden than he has in more than a year.
In a Rasmussen Reports poll conducted after the ex-president’s indictment on Thursday, most respondents gave Trump a seven-point lead over Biden.

In a general election match-up, 47% of probable American voters indicated they would choose Trump, while 40% said they would choose Biden.

Republican voters are still on Trump’s side at this stage, which is a warning sign that he may be able to capitalize on his legal issues.

According to the most recent Rasmussen poll, Trump would receive support from 44% of independents and 83% of Republicans who identify as such.
Even 17% of Democrats admitted to interviewers that they would vote for the former president.

Biden obtains less support from members of his own party and independents because he has not been accused of a long list of state crimes.

According to polls, 70% of Democrats indicated they would favor the current president, while 36% of independents said they would support Biden.

Eleven percent of Republicans also back him.

In a general election matchup, the Real Clear Politics polling average places Trump 1.8 points in front of Biden.

Trump is in the lead in both of the most recent general election surveys from 2024, which were both conducted primarily in April.

Trump was charged with offenses on Tuesday after being indicted on March 30.

While Biden has not yet formally declared his candidacy for reelection, the Republican declared his intentions to run for president in 2024 in mid-November.

Trump’s supporters have bragged for weeks that an indictment would boost his political standing by uniting the Republican base behind the former president, who has objected to the barrage of probes and described them as politically motivated.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis performs against Biden roughly on par with Trump, which is another indication of MAGA’s power.

According to the Rasmussen survey, Trump and DeSantis are both outperforming the incumbent Democrat.

Biden loses to DeSantis 46 to 38 percent.

About 10% of Republicans, according to polls, identify as “Only Trump” supporters and say they would support a different candidate if DeSantis were to win the GOP nomination in 2024.

Only 5% of Republicans indicated they would cast a third-party ballot if Biden and Trump were the Democratic and GOP nominees, respectively.

With a margin of error of plus or minus 3%, Rasmussen’s poll of 971 likely voters in the United States was conducted on March 30, the day of Trump’s indictment, as well as April 2 and 3.

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