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Essential Things to Buy When Traveling in Spain

Spain is not only a vibrant and diverse country that’s packed with a unique and rich cultural heritage, it’s well known for several and I mean it, several delicatessens, delicious food, accessories, and goods. If you’re visiting this amazing country there are several items you can’t stop buying, but if you feel intimidated by the vast amount of stuff, here’s a list of the essential things to buy in Spain.

Whether it’s a Deliart Manchego cheese or a bottle of wine, when you visit Spain, don’t miss the opportunity to bring back unique souvenirs that capture the essence of this beautiful country.

What to buy in Spain?

Spain is world famous for several items, many of which are a must-try at least once in your life, from ham to wine, the impact many of those items have in the country is visible across its history. From medieval times people in the country have perfected several different foods, whether olive oil, cheese, or wine.

Not only that, but the artisan food from Spain has gained a lot of popularity and some of them have become part of other cultures, like the Turron in Central and Latin America.

For this and several other reasons, you need to buy many of those items.

Here are some essential things to buy in Spain:

1. Spanish Olive Oil

If there’s a product more iconic that can represent a whole country it would be Olive Oil in Spain. It has been part of the local diet for ages.

In fact, Spain is renowned for its high-quality olive oil. Make sure to look for extra virgin olive oil from regions like Andalusia or Catalonia.

It’s not only delicious but also a healthy choice and is 100% a thing you NEED to buy if you are traveling in Spain

2. Jamón Ibérico (Iberian Ham)

Another staple in food in Spain is ham, but one that stands out a lot is the Iberian Ham. A delicacy made from acorn-fed Iberian pigs, yes, the only thing those pigs eat is acorn, and that results in a unique variation of flavors

The flavor is rich and intense, you can buy whole legs or pre-sliced packs to take home.

3. Saffron (Azafrán)

Saffron is a unique spice and it’s one of those things that you NEED to try at least one time in your lifetime. While it tends to be expensive, Spanish saffron is considered the best in the world.

It adds a beautiful golden color and a distinct flavor to dishes. A small box goes a long way.

4. Flamenco Accessories

Something you’ll notice while traveling in Spain is how popular Flamenco is, and as an integral part of Spanish culture there are bars and restaurants dedicated to it offering a good way to enjoy this kind of art.

But make sure to consider buying a colorful fan, castanets, or a flamenco dress as a unique souvenir.

5. Ceramic Tiles (Azulejos)

Spanish ceramic tiles are exquisite. Look for hand-painted tiles with intricate designs. They make great decorative pieces for your home.

6. Spanish Wine

Spain produces excellent wines, there’s no mystery to that, the country has whole regions dedicated to the production of grape products but one that stands out a lot and is unique is the Cava, which is a sparkling wine.

Make sure to try and buy a bottle of wine from Rioja, Ribera del Duero, or Priorat and of course, don’t forget to grab a bottle of Cava too.

7. Cheese

Cheese is not taken lightly in Spain, from iconic ones like the Valdeon cheese which is stored naturally in a cave situated in the north of the country to modern ones like the Murcia al Vino Cheese.

Cheese is abundant in this country, so make sure to go on a tasting spree and choose the ones that you like the most, but places like Deliart Foods make it easier, offering a unique collection of incredible good cheese like the Deliart Manchego cheese.

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