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Dental Emergencies 101: What to Do Before Visiting Dentists

Dental emergencies raise significant concerns, as well as suffering and pain. However, these complications can be handled before you get the services of a certified doctor. Here’s an introduction to dental emergencies 101.


A toothache fluctuates in vigour from medium discomfort to extreme pain. It often indicates a hidden problem such as trauma, infection, or tooth decay. Clean your mouth with lukewarm saltwater before visiting the dentist for help. Short-term relief is also achieved with over-the-counter remedies like ibuprofen. Avoid applying aspirin directly to the afflicted gums or tooth as it can cause burns.


Knocked-out Tooth

It’s critical to take immediate action in permanent tooth loss. Retain the tooth by its crown and avoid contact with the base. If the tooth is dirty, slowly clean it, preserving integrated tissue bits. You can place the tooth in a jar of saliva before seeking emergency dental care.

Broken tooth

There are multiple risk factors for tooth chipping such as dental decay, traumatic bites and direct trauma. After using lukewarm water to rinse the affected area, use a cold compress to reduce swelling. Look for the broken fragment and go to the dentist. Till you receive competent dental care, avoid biting on the side of your mouth that is impacted, and limit your oral intake to soft foods.

Missing Crown or Filling

Discomfort and sensitivity often come from exposing the inner tooth structure. Use an over-the-counter dental temporary glue or dental cement to refix the crown onto the tooth and get help. If you are unable to connect the crown, store it safely and make an urgent appointment.

Swelling or Abscess

A swelling, hurting lump found near the afflicted tooth is the benchmark of an abscess, pus accumulation for a bacterial infection. Extreme pain, edema and fever are the major symptoms. If you suspect an abscess rinse your mouth with saltwater to reduce inflammation and remove pus. Consider over-the-counter painkillers to relieve pain and discomfort as you make your way to the dentist. The ultimate treatment is antibiotics and in severe cases, pus drainage.

Substances Stuck in the Teeth

It’s fairly common to have substances embedded between teeth. Refrain from using pointed and sharp equipment to remove stuck objects. Instead, extract them by slowly flossing around the region. If flossing doesn’t work, gently loosen the dirt with an interdental brush or dental pick. Seek expert dental care if the object is lodged, as it can cause more harm or local disease.

Soft Tissue rupture

Biting hard, falls, or accidents can cause damage to the tongue, gums, cheeks or lips. If this occurs, act fast. Clean the affected area, and rinse your mouth with lukewarm saltwater. Apply pressure with a clean piece of cloth to stop bleeding. If the bleeding is severe or you have a massive laceration, rush to the Emergency Department for medical assistance. If you are unsure whether to go to the hospital or dental clinic, you can call your dentist for guidance.

Orthodontic Dangers

Accidents with orthodontic objects like retainers or braces, might cause discomfort and irritation. A good solution is covering the pointed edges with orthodontic wax to protect the gums and cheeks. Don’t cut the wire yourself, and seek advice from your orthodontist. Make an appointment as soon as possible for repairs. For those living in Lubbock, consulting with a Lubbock orthodontist can provide you with prompt and effective solutions tailored to your orthodontic needs.

In summary, dental emergencies can be upsetting, but by knowing how to manage them well, you can reduce pain and stop additional harm. Remain composed, evaluate the circumstances, and take the necessary measures before obtaining expert dental care. You can also avoid dental emergencies by preserving good oral hygiene and scheduling routine checks. Nonetheless, in case of emergencies remember to contact your dentist care.

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