CSGO vs Rust – Which is Best?

GamesCSGO vs Rust - Which is Best?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive… CSGO or CS2 as we are now being sold it, is one of the most popular and classic eSports in the business. And then there’s Rust – not quite as well-renowned as Counter-Strike, but definitely with its own very loyal audience!

They are both two very different games – attracting very different players, but which is actually the best? Let’s take a look…


First, let’s look at actual gameplay…


This is a FPS (first-person shooter) game that was created by Valve Corporation and Hidden Path Entertainment. It’s basically a Team v Team game… Terrorists vs Counter-Terrorists. Both teams have a different objective – and the object can vary depending on the game mode. But essentially, Terrorists need to plant a bomb, Counter-Terrorists need to defuse the bomb and save the hostages… and teams spend a lot of time trying to kill each other.  It’s fast, action-packed and strategic.

Its popularity is in part because success is all about improving your skills. You have to have skills -including aim and map knowledge – and you need to be a team player. Matches are also usually pretty quick, so it’s great if you want to get in a quick gaming session.


Then there’s Rust, which was created by Facepunch Studios, which is something else entirely. This is a game where you simply need to survive. You need to craft your own weapons, build shelters and be able to protect yourself from the environment and from other players. You have two enemies – the other players and the actual world you are trying to navigate your way through. As such, it can be a lot more unpredictable than CS.

Rust is a game that’s more about long-term survival and strategy. It can involve complex systems for building, managing resources, and interacting with others. Players can form alliances, attack and raid other players’ bases, and even take part in huge conflicts. The game is unpredictable, which can make it memorable and exciting.

The Skin Economy

One thing they both have in common is the availability of skins and an economy that can transcend the computer and affect your real life…


CSGO has one of the most highly developed skin economies, with a massive marketplace and other shops and platforms where players can buy, sell, and trade their in-game items and weapon skins. These skins can range from common to extremely rare and highly valuable, which is great for trading. The game is integrated with the Steam Market, which means players can enjoy easy transactions… and high-value items can literally sell for thousands. There is also a popular CSGO skin gambling scene, which involves betting skins on match outcomes or casino-style games, which attracts lots of CS players.


Rust also has a skin economy that is thriving – but not quite as big as CSGO’s just yet. Players can buy, sell, and trade their Rust items and skins through the Steam Market and in-game stores, and they can visit Rust gambling sites where they can try to win higher-value skins and items. While Rust skins can still be valuable, the market is somewhat less volatile than CSGO’s. At this point in time, Rust’s skin economy is much more straightforward than CSGO’s.

Overall Experience

So, which one offers the best overall experience?


CSGO is a game that has been around for years – and offers a superb, skill-based First-Person-Shooter experience. It is perfect for players who love a more competitive, tactical type of game and like to test their precision and strategy. The game is much more structured than Rust and there are set and properly defined objectives  – so you know whether you are progressing – and it can give you that sense of achievement as you get better and better. 

CSGO is also one of the most popular competitive eSports out there – which means that if you get really good, there’s even the chance to play professionally and win real money. You can also be a real-time spectator – and watch others go head to head.


Rust meanwhile, is more varied and unpredictable. It’s perfect if you are a player who likes open-world survival games, where the story is constantly evolving based on players’ actions and interactions. The fact that this game has a more long-term outlook means that it really can lead to satisfying moments of survival and conquest.

Rust is all about social dynamics, which means that every time you play, it is likely to be a lot different from the last gaming session. It’s all about creativity, strategy, and adaptability, making it a favourite for those who want to test their survival skills.

Ultimately, choosing between the two depends on the type of player you are. For fans of shooter games, it’s all about CSGO, but if you’re more creative and prefer more dynamism, then it’s Rust all the way. Why not try them both to see which one fits your style most?

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