Be the First Rider: Vanpowers New Mountain E-Bike Series Test Ride

AutomationBe the First Rider: Vanpowers New Mountain E-Bike Series...

Vanpowers, a leader in sustainable e-bike technology, is excited to announce that they will host a free e-bike test ride event in La Verne.

Event Details:

Event Theme: Free Test Ride

When: July 13, 2024, TIME PDT

Time: 10:00 a.m.– 3:00 p.m.

Where: Crazy Bear Bikes (Vanpowers Authorized Dealer), 2125 Wright Ave Unit C12, La Verne, CA 91750, United States

What’s in it for riders?

  • Free, fun ride with professional guidance
  • 100% chance to win fantastic prizes
  • Special early bird discount, never offered again

Vanpowers has prepared a variety of test ride tracks, including city streets, dirt trails, and mountain paths. Whether an experienced cyclist or a beginner, local cycling enthusiasts can test ride their upcoming all-terrain mountain bike, GrandTeton. Here is the test ride booking link: https://www.vanpowers.com/products/grandteton-ultra

The GrandTeton All-Terrain Mountain E-Bike series is designed for adventurers who demand both power and precision. The GrandTeton-Ultra model, offers high quality with a 130Nm mid-drive motor, Tektro 4-piston brakes, and Cues 9-speed gears. The GrandTeton-Pro model, features a robust 750W motor and hydraulic disc brakes. Both models deliver a natural and bionic ride sensation with torque sensors, reaching a top speed of 20 mph and excelling on all terrains with 4.0-inch fat tires. They are built for long-distance touring with removable lithium-ion batteries offering up to 110 miles of range and prioritize safety with Tektro hydraulic disc brakes.

Comfort and style are central to the GrandTeton series, featuring a wider seat, a 120mm air suspension fork, and a 300 lb weight capacity for a smooth riding experience. The striking design includes inner cable routing and seamless welding technology.

Besides, both models integrate Vanpowers’ new smart security system. This system enhances security and functionality with emergency SOS, 4G and GPS tracking, vibration detection, geofencing, and OTA updates, ensuring the e-bike’s software is always current and secure.

This event is not only an opportunity for Vanpowers to showcase their latest electric bike models but also a chance to share the concept of green transportation with the La Verne community. Vanpowers hopes that this eco-friendly and convenient mode of transport will bring a new experience to local residents. Come to meet the team of innovators and see why Vanpowers sets the standard in the e-bike sector. For more information, please visit https://www.vanpowers.com/.

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